Our Engineering Team

Jeff Sailer

Engineering Technician

I have been employed at Enginetech since spring of 2010. Born in Oklahoma City in 1965, grew up in Sioux Falls, S.D., landed in Texas in 1976. I have worked in the medium duty truck industry for over many years I have been a Technician, Parts Specialists and Parts and Service Manger. I am the proud father of 3 children and 1 dog. I have been married to my Texas wife for over 2 decades, which makes the annual Texas and Oklahoma College football game a special time in my household.

In my spare time I am a Scoutmaster for BSA Troop 723 in Carrollton, Texas. I am also a 4000 mile a year cyclist and commuter; I am Enginetech’s carbon offset. The best part of working for Enginetech is the experienced team members. Their main concern really is a satisfied customer!!

Lonnie Townsend

Engineering Technician

I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK graduating from Southeast High School in 1968. I enlisted in the US Air Force in 1969 and served 4 years. I then ventured into HVAC distribution over the next 14 years. I began my career with Enginetech in July of ’94 learning the ropes as a quality assurance inspector. Currently, I am an Engineering Technician and my duties include R&D, taking tech calls, and doing failure analysis.

Angela Sailer

Engineering Assistant

I am a Native Texan and proud of it. I have been at Enginetech since April 2011, and currently work here with my husband, Jeff and my daughter, Sierra. In addition, I also have a younger son named Jake and an older daughter named Savannah. I enjoy photography and reading books. I also enjoy playing around with my rambunctious dog, Okie, and lounging around with my two frisky cats.

In my spare time you can catch me playing Words With Friends, or should I say winning at Words With Friends because I am a true Wordsmith. My favorite part about working here at Enginetech is the environment and the people. They really make it an enjoyable place to come each day.

Cody Meeks

Product Development/Catalog Maintenance

I grew up in small West Texas town near Abilene called Roscoe. My dad would soup up old clunkers and race them at the dirt track in Abilene when I was a kid, so I developed a love for automobiles at a young age. (Getting caked with mud as the cars flew by the bleachers had me hooked from the start.) l originally moved to the Dallas area in 2002, but later moved away for college. I graduated college from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM in May of 2013.

My family and I are glad to now be back home in Texas and I am very excited to be a part of the Enginetech team. I married my wife in May of 2012 and we have a gorgeous little girl and two dogs. My other interests include sports, traveling, fishing, and learning new languages and cultures.