Our Engineering Team

Jeff Sailer

Engineering Technician

I have been employed at Enginetech since spring of 2010. Born in Oklahoma City in 1965, grew up in Sioux Falls, S.D., landed in Texas in 1976. I have worked in the medium duty truck industry for over many years I have been a Technician, Parts Specialists and Parts and Service Manger. I am the proud father of 3 children and 1 dog. I have been married to my Texas wife for over 2 decades, which makes the annual Texas and Oklahoma College football game a special time in my household.

In my spare time I am a Scoutmaster for BSA Troop 723 in Carrollton, Texas. I am also a 4000 mile a year cyclist and commuter; I am Enginetech’s carbon offset. The best part of working for Enginetech is the experienced team members. Their main concern really is a satisfied customer!!

Angela Sailer

Engineering Assistant

I am a Native Texan and proud of it. I have been at Enginetech since April 2011, and currently work here with my husband, Jeff and my daughter, Sierra. In addition, I also have a younger son named Jake and an older daughter named Savannah. I enjoy photography and reading books. I also enjoy playing around with my rambunctious dog, Okie, and lounging around with my two frisky cats.

In my spare time you can catch me playing Words With Friends, or should I say winning at Words With Friends because I am a true Wordsmith. My favorite part about working here at Enginetech is the environment and the people. They really make it an enjoyable place to come each day.

Jim Brune

Quality Assurance and Customer Service

I joined the team here at Enginetech in February of 2017. My previous experience is in technical sales and support for various industrial distributors. I am a gearhead at heart though, and this opportunity is the first time I have been able to talk engines with people AND get paid to do so!

I come from a long line of hobby mechanics and car enthusiasts. My grandpa hoarded 1963 Impalas, and he gave one to me the summer before I turned 16. Some assembly was required. My next vehicle was a 1979 International Scout that provided not only transportation to college, but entrance into an elite band of misfits known as the Texas A&M Off-Road Club. Many projects have since followed, including inboard ski boats, 22re Toyota trucks, more Scouts, a motorcycle or two, etc etc. These vehicles, as well as my brother’s, dad’s, and friend’s projects serve as the basis for my automotive knowledge.

My smoking hot wife is a saint and puts up with my projects, craigslist scores, and horse trading. We have two beautiful children and another on the way! My two-year old son loves cars more than me, while his sister enjoys playing dress up and princesses. We also enjoy camping, fishing, Aggie Football, taking the boat to the lake, and going to the beach. My family is what makes my world go around, I am truly blessed

Will Pollard

Quality Assurance Engineer

I was born with a wrench in my hand in San Antonio, Texas. I have a wife and two wonderful kids. I enjoy taking the family camping, fishing and boating, as well as racing events.

I’ve been working on cars since I was a teen. My passion and experience with the internal combustion engine ranges from antique engines all the way to full blown 10,000 horsepower NHRA nitro powerplants.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in quality control, product development, manufacturing and supply chain environments. I strive at being the best at what I do and to provide service of the highest standard. I expect a high degree of perfection of myself to be certain all efforts result in quality, productive and satisfactory products for our valued customers.

EJ Stockweather

Engineering Technician