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Enginetech sells premium rear main seals constructed of the finest materials such as Viton and silicone. Precision cut lips eliminate oil leakage caused by imperfect machining on the crankshaft surface. We also offer the installation sleeves on most of our one-piece rear main seals. Enginetech’s line of rear main seals also comprises of the SK series kits that include the housing gasket. Rather than purchasing the full gasket set for this simple piece, it’s included in the SK series kits. As with all our parts, we constantly strive to create solutions to save you time and money on your rebuild! Find everything you need all in one place. Visit and save now.

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Our Catalog is an easy-to-use site that allows customers to find the correct parts for their rebuild. The Enginetech Catalog is available 24/7 for all current Enginetech customers. Contact us for your login credentials.

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