Enginetech has a rich history of innovation. We listen to YOU, our customers, and make improvements so that together we are all less stressed and more profitable. One example of this is the evolution of our Piston Ring packaging over the years. What better way to look back at the history and improvements we’ve made along the way than just looking at our product boxes. In this video, Pete, Team Leader of Operations, explains the various changes in Enginetech’s product packaging.

Enginetech Product Packaging: Piston Rings, A Timeline.

1995: Piston Rings packaged in individual boxes with instructions printed on the internal boxes.

2000: Around year 2000, the box changed to a larger size. Rings were still individually boxed inside. Both rings were included in this larger box.

Early 2000s: To reduce packaging costs and waste, rings were packaged loosely inside the box. The inner box tabs indicated which ring was the top, and which was the bottom.

Later, and today:  Enginetech listened to its customers, who were unhappy with the previous loosely boxed rings, so later, rings were sealed in bags inside of the box. Each bag was labeled to indicate which set of rings was which.


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