The Little Things Matter

Teammate Appreciation Translates to Teammate Retention.

Hope Smith

I am Enginetech's Marketing Coordinator. I have a passion for marketing, social media, and branding. I have been a part of the Enginetech team for 2 years and counting.

Does ice cream in the workplace result in a lower teammate turnover rate? Yes. Yes, it most certainly does. In this world filled with “Now Hiring” signs plastered on every business you walk into, ice cream is critical. Moreover, teammate retention in the workplace is critical. 

Our Basic Foundation

We realize that ice cream is not the key ingredient to a satisfied teammate, but it is the cherry on top. As a business, you should already have a strong company culture, effective leadership, and fluid communication lines. If you don’t, then you are far behind your competitors already. People are looking for a business to go above and beyond the basic foundations (i.e. ice cream). Virtually any company can provide company culture, effective leadership, and fluid communication lines! What sets Enginetech apart from other businesses is its intentional focus on teammate satisfaction and appreciation.

Our Company Culture

Enginetech has an all-encompassing friendly nature that you can feel during the hustle and bustle of the workday. Between phone calls and Team Leader meetings, you can hear laughter. There are the daily questions of, “how was your weekend?” and “is your wife feeling better?” that circulate through the office. It’s the company culture that resonates within the building that makes coming to work feel like coming to a sense of belonging.  

Our Leadership

Of course, this sense of belonging didn’t emerge overnight. Enginetech’s Team Leaders have paved the way of how Enginetech teammates conduct themselves. They have proven that there’s always time to ask someone how their day is going. They have shown that there is a fun way of doing business. Also, they have demonstrated that teammates aren’t there just to clock in and out each day. To put it simply, they care.

At the start of the pandemic, many companies showed their true colors by how they treated their teammates. Enginetech addressed the “uncertain times” with composure and compassion. The health of Enginetech’s teammates came first and making money came as a second priority.

As a result, Enginetech’s teammate turnover rate actually declined. There was no obligation for Enginetech to do so. People notice when they are being taken care of. Good leadership stands out from the norm of ineffective leadership. It’s what draws teammates in and makes them want to stay. However, effective leadership should be standard. It should be a basic necessity. 

Our Communication

Another basic necessity is fluid communication lines. A very obvious aspect of Enginetech’s headquarters in Carrollton, Texas is the layout of the inside office. The office has a big, open floor plan with offices surrounding the open space. Most of these offices are filled with Team Leaders and the open space is filled with cubicles for the inside sales team. Enginetech has an open door policy. This means that if anyone has a question they can go into their Team Leader’s office at any time to speak with them. Enginetech’s Team Leaders are never too busy to address a teammate’s concern or question. This is especially beneficial for new teammates that are trying to learn the ropes. 

All three of these characteristics of Enginetech make Enginetech a highly efficient company. When you have the basic foundations it is easy to find good teammates to work for your company. Yet, most companies have these characteristics. So how do you prevent your teammates from bouncing around from one company to another? Cue the ice cream truck (or other fun activities to sweeten the work day)! The little things matter

So Here's the Scoop

With that being said, each year Enginetech celebrates its teammates by planning the Teammate Appreciation Month! This year August was Teammate Appreciation Month. Every week there was a planned event that showed Enginetech teammates that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

What was great about this month was that it was filled with tasty treats that anyone could enjoy. Enginetech provided donuts and kolaches one morning, pizza for lunch one day, and a whole day just filled with snacks to enjoy. There weren’t just snacks and treats to enjoy. Enginetech did a fun gift card giveaway to show their appreciation as well. 

Most companies don’t show enough gratitude to the people that keep the doors open. The teammates that show up every day ready to work are the reason a business thrives. Enginetech gets it. Enginetech knows why ice cream is critical to a successful business. If a company goes above and beyond the basics, then teammates will do the same for the company. Ice cream, or any other treat, is just a small investment and a small gesture that creates teammate loyalty. 

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