Camshaft Break-in Additive

Camshaft Break-in Additive

Camshaft Break-in Additive

Cam-Shield with ZDDP (Zinc Di-Alkyl-Dithio-Phosphate)

Anti-wear chemistry is required in all engine oils to protect valve train components and other metal surfaces from wearing. Today’s passenger car engine oils do not contain enough ZDDP for proper engine protection during the break-in process.

Enginetech’s ZDDP provides the additional protection that your remanufactured engine needs. Enginetech’s ZDDP is super concentrated so that only a small amount is needed to treat your oil for new cam break-in.

Enginetech’s ZDDP is THE premium concentrated (Zinc) anti-wear engine oil additive. Our specially formulated product is specifically designed to protect:

  • Camshafts
  • Valve Train Component
  • Piston Ring & Cylinder Liner Contact Area (lifters, followers, pushrods, rockers, lifter bores) from premature wear caused by today’s oils.

Camshaft Break-in AdditiveCam-Shield PastePremium Molybdnum Disulfide Camshaft Assembly Paste

Enriched with Cam-shield® Premium ZDDP Anti-wear Technology

Cam-Shield® brand premium Molybdenum Disulfide Camshaft Assembly Past provides fortified anti-wear protection for new camsafts during initial break-in.

  • Cam-shield® Premium ZDDP concentration of 2500 parts per million (ppm) of Zink (the optimum ZDDP concentration for break-in).
  • Use with all mechanical and hydraulic camshafts and lifters.
  • Initiates proper cam break-in.
  • Prevents galling.
  • Excellent for racing, pro-street, street, classic, agricultural, diesel and marine camshafts.

Available in 3 sizes to meet the needs of all customers and businesses.

5/8-oz. Lube Pack

Treats one typical 8-cylinder engine camshaft and lifters.

  • Single 5/8-oz. Lube Pack
  • 50 pack case

4-oz. Brush Top Jar

Treats up to 6 typical 8-cylinder engine camshafts and lifters.

  • 4-oz. brush top jar
  • 12 jar case

1-lb. Tub

Treats up to twenty-four (24) typical 8-cylinder engine camshafts and lifters.

  • 1-lb. tub
  • 12 tub case

Treat break-in oil with Cam-shield® Premium ZDDP Anti-wear oil treatment.

  • Protect your racing engine from wear!
  • Keep your engine’s power level up!
  • Get more races from your motor before rebulid time!
  • Strongest Concentration!
  • Best Technology!
  • Best Value!

Cam-Shield® The Performance Advantage!