Oil Pumps

Oil Pumps

The oil pump is a critical component of the internal combustion engine. It’s just as important as the heart is to the human body.

Enginetech can meet the Rebuilder’s requirements for quality and performance with precision oil pumps, screens shafts and kits, as well as offer all of the popular oil pump applications as well as many harder to find applications. Enginetech oil pumps are designed to meet or exceed O.E.M. performance with the correct flow and maximum pressure control for each application.

Enginetech oil pumps, screens and shafts offer the rebuilder these advantages:

  • All oil pumps are 100% cycle tested for both volume and pressure. This assures OEM performance every time.
  • Oil pumps are part of Enginetech’s complete engine products program. One phone call gets all your parts needs and reduces “parts chasing.”
  • Availability from Enginetech’s multi-warehouse distribution system. This provides same-day or next-day availability to virtually anywhere in the U.S.
  • Enginetech’s precision oil pumps are supported by Enginetech’s in-house engineering staff, who provide immediate answers to technical questions.
  • Oil Pumps are now part of Enginetech’s kit program. This simplifies and reduces cost of parts purchases.

Quality & reliability

Enginetech’s precision manufactured oil pumps, screens, shafts and kits are manufactured with the quality and reliability that precision engine builders require.