Rebuilder's Valves

Rebuilders Valves

The Enginetech patented “Rebuilder’s Valve®” is designed to open up that bottle neck in your cylinder head department. For about the same cost of reclaiming junk valves you can install brand new Rebuilder’s Valves®. Rebuilders can increase cylinder head sales by marketing their remanufactured heads with “all new premium valves” compared to the competition that still uses “reclaimed junk valves”.

Fewer Seat Replacements:

The head diameter of Enginetech’s Rebuilder’s Valve® is 0.010” to 0.030” oversized depending on the application. For badly worn seats the increased head diameter allows a little extra seat machining which translates to fewer seat replacements. Fewer seat replacements equal less time and more money for the rebuilder.

Eliminate Guide Replacements:

The Rebuilder’s Valve® stem diameters are oversized 0.008” to 0.0015” depending on the application. Only one valve guide reamer is required per engine because unlike competitor’s valves Enginetech makes the valve fit the reamer rather than making the reamer fit the valve. With only one reamer you get the correct oil clearance on both intake and exhaust valves. No guide replacement or liner installation is required. Simply ream the worn guide in one step and you’re done.

Reclaim More Springs & Eliminate Spring Shims:

Valve springs weaken over time. In the past rebuilders would install shims with reclaimed springs to boost valve seat pressure back to normal. The Rebuilder’s Valve® does this for you. Enginetech has lowered the keeper groove 0.020” to 0.030” towards the valve head. Spring pressure is automatically boosted by the lowered keeper making spring shims obsolete. New springs can also be used.

Superior Materials:

Enginetech Rebuilder’s Valves® are “Better than OE”. Enginetech knows that remanufactured engines are installed in very harsh environments. Therefore we have upgraded the materials of our Rebuilder’s Valves® for severe duty.

Our one piece intake valves are made from HNV-3 high alloy valve steel (often used for exhaust valves also). All of our valve stems are either triple chrome plated or gas nitrided. We even go a step further and harden every valve tip to 50HRc minimum.

Enginetech’s exhaust valves are also a one piece design. All Rebuilder’s exhaust valves are made from EV-8 or EV-12 stainless steel. Again, like the intake valves, all stems are triple chrome plated or gas nitrided. Wafer tips hardened to 50RHc are inertia welded to every tip.