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Top 5 Most Frequently Replaced Engine Parts

The engine is by far the most complicated and expensive system in a vehicle to repair. Repair or replacement of a car engine can cost more than $10,000, especially in larger vehicles like a truck or an SUV. Even so, engine replacement or rebuild is often a smart and viable alternative to purchasing an entirely new vehicle, especially during times of economic inflation where vehicle prices are on the rise.

So, what should you be looking out for in regular maintenance checks to ensure a long life for your valuable engine? We’ve compiled a short list of the 5 most frequently replaced engine parts that you should keep your eye on.  In this article, we only focus on the engine, but of course don’t forget other important items like your tires, brake components, battery, headlights, windshield wipers, and other commonly replaced auto parts.

Oil Filter

Oil is the lubrication of life for your engine. A lack of good clean oil will cause excessive friction inside the engine, leading to overheating and engine failure. Dirty oil has the tendency to leave debris on engine fittings like your intake valves, combustion chambers, bearings, lifters, and spark plugs. It’s vital to change your engine oil filters every time your car is serviced to avoid buildup lodging itself where it doesn’t belong.

One item, that you may not be thinking about replacing often, is highly dependent on clean oil to function. We are of course referring to engine lifters. Although they are the best oil filter in the entire engine, they have very tight tolerances and can easily become clogged from dirty oil. If this occurs, they will fail. Luckily, if this happens to you – Enginetech has a variety of lifters available for almost every engine.

Air Filter

The air filter keeps damaging dirt and debris out of your precious engine. Components such as the pistons and cylinders need to be shielded from salt, sand, and small particles to keep costly engine repairs at bay. Another huge reason to keep your air filter in fighting condition is its fuel efficiency benefits. Without a clean air filter, your combustion engine gets less air, so it requires more gas to operate.  

Timing chains/belts

Drive belts are the first big engine part that is most likely to wear out. If this part fails, the effects can be catastrophic. The engine pistons will not function correctly, and smash into the valves. This of course results in a very expensive engine repair.

Water Pump

Keep your engine cool and comfortable with a working water pump. If you neglect this component, your engine cannot circulate coolant to where it needs it the most, so it is going to overheat and cause engine damage or even complete failure. Enginetech has a variety of water pumps available in our online catalog.


Having trouble starting your engine? It could be a faulty alternator. Around the 7-year mark, or 150,000 miles, your alternator might require your attention. Various circumstances can impact the life expectancy of your alternator, including part quality, the demand placed on the part, and the general condition of your vehicle. Since an alternators function is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, the amount of electronics used in your vehicle plays a role in the load placed on this important part. You may think you can scrape by without air conditioning, charging your devices, or listening to music, but it is just not that simple. When you begin noticing electrical issues, it is time to replace this part. Your alternator must be a top priority. Without a properly functioning alternator, your battery cannot charge, fuel injectors may not fire, and your engine may completely stall – then you’ll really be in a pickle.

Honorable Mention: Head gaskets

Every single time you take apart your engine, you need to replace your head gaskets. 100% of the time. Although, head gaskets are the necessity, it is better to replace all of the gaskets. Enginetech carries fireseal technology gaskets for all of the most common domestic and high performance engine types.

Don’t put off regular vehicle services as they can detect these engine issues and help you stay ahead of catastrophic engine failures and further damage. Procrastination, when it comes to engines, results in further damage and more dollars spent trying to fix the initial problem as well as it’s spreading collateral damage. Keep your eye out for these common engine repairs and know your options when it comes to engine repair and replacement. Enginetech is here for you with quality engine parts for your engine rebuild. Enginetech parts come with a lifetime warranty when installed by a professional, so talk to your local repair shop today about using Enginetech parts in your engine.

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