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How do I set up an account with Enginetech?

Thank you for your interest in our company. Enginetech is a wholesaler, which means we sell to businesses only. If you own an automotive business, then please contact our New Accounts Manager, Miguel Gaona to discuss opening up an account. He can be reached via phone at 1-800-869-8711 ext. 2219 or via email at

How do I order parts?

If you have an account with Enginetech, then you can call us at 1-800-869-8711 to speak to a sales expert. You can also purchase our parts online at

If you do not have an account with us, then you will need to set up an account with us before you can purchase our parts directly from us.

If you do not own an automotive business, then you can purchase our parts through any automotive retailer that sells our products. 

How do I know what parts to order for my vehicle?

Our online catalog is a great resource for looking for the correct parts for your engine rebuild. You can search by engine, engine year, transmission model, or transmission year. Visit to find your engine parts!

Does Enginetech sell individual pistons?

Enginetech is able to sell individual pistons, depending on the vehicle application.

Where does Enginetech source their parts?

Our parts are sourced from all over the world. Regardless of their origin, we stand by the quality of our parts and offer a lifetime warranty, when professionally installed.

I need installation advice. Who should I contact?

Enginetech does not provide installation advice. Please refer to your owner’s manual on the proper installation advice.

How are piston rings installed?

For information on how to install your piston ring set, please visit our YouTube channel. How To Install Piston Rings:

What is my piston ring end gap supposed to be?

End gap:

Safe, Recommended Automotive Compression Ring Gap Clearances. For naturally aspirated engines only. 

Ring Diameter

End Clearance Inspection Limit





































Why is the top piston ring thinner than what came out of my engine?

The top rings are now being supplied in steel with plasma sprayed molybdenum.  The use of steel in the upper compression has many advantages.  Steel provides 35% more strength, weighs 30% less and increases the resistance to side wear, which is observed on the newer model engines.  Another feature from the increased steel strength is the insensitivity to breakage during improper ring installation.

The increased strength of steel over grey cast iron means that necessary tension can be achieved with less weight.  This increased strength feature allows for producing high quality rings with reduced radial walls.  Increased strength, reduced radial wall and lighter weight all improve the performance of the compression ring.  Newer engines have higher RPMs and lighter rings that are more stable in the groove.  Improved sealing is achieved by the steel compression rings conforming to the cylinder better.

Original equipment piston ring grooves and ring designs take into consideration the ring back clearance.  It is thought that minimal ring back clearance improves overall performance of the engine.  The power stroke gases energize the compression ring increasing the pressure against the cylinder wall, decreasing blow-by and increasing power.  The concern that increased back clearance will adversely affect engine performance has been dismissed by engine testing.  In summary, modern engines are insensitive to increased ring back clearance.

The important features of piston rings are the correct axial width and optimal gap.  Our piston rings are made with the correct axial width to make sure the correct side clearance is achieved, typically in the .0015” – .0025” range.  Customers will not be affected by changing from a cast iron top ring to a steel top ring because our rings have adequate side clearance allowing the compression gases to energize the ring to operate properly.  Customers can replace cast iron top rings with steel top rings and get all the benefits conveyed in this bulletin.

Do I use a sealer like copper coat during installation of my head gaskets?

No, use of a sealant like copper coat on Enginetech head gaskets voids the warranty.

Which side of the head gasket goes up?

The following answer does not work for 100% of engines as there are always exceptions, but this is the majority case. Please always refer to your repair manual for verification. If the head gasket has elastomer, the elastomer is typically installed toward the cylinder head. If there is a stamping such as “FRONT”, this side also is typically installed toward the cylinder head. The gaskets that have more exposed metal on the fire ring on one side, the more exposed metal side is installed toward the block.

Should I use copper spray on my gasket when installing?

Copper spray or any other gasket sealer is not recommended for any Enginetech gaskets.  Use of such a sealer voids the warranty.

Why do some Enginetech bearings not have tangs or locator tags?

The purpose of locating tangs on engine bearings is often misunderstood as locking the bearing in place. However, this is not true.  Bearings are locked into place by bearing crush when torqued into place, not by the tangs.  The tangs do not play any role in locking the bearings in place, but rather are merely there for locating the bearings into the correct orientation during installation.  Enginetech bearings that do not have locating tangs can be installed in either direction longitudinally, making the installation job easier for the engine rebuilder.

Which color valve seal in intake, and which color is exhaust?

Valve seal colors:


Want Specific Product Details?

For more in-depth information about our product lines, visit our product pages under the “Products” drop down menu. These pages give general information about each product line. For specs and dimensions of a part number, please visit our catalog website at: and search for a specific part number.

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