From Enginetech’s beginning in 1982 to present day, our owners have played a pivotal role in the success of Enginetech. Fred Currey founded Enginetech in 1982 and led the company for over a decade with poise and professionalism. Fred was responsible for building strong business relationships around the globe and maintaining those relationships throughout the years. In 1988, Fred promoted Joe Munoz to General Manager of Enginetech, which resulted in the exponential growth of Enginetech in the internal engine parts industry. Joe’s vision for the company started with a complete restructure of the way Enginetech did business. His passion for innovation and efficiency can be seen in our operations department and shipping line process. In 2000, Sheri Munoz became a co-owner alongside her husband. Sheri was given the opportunity to make a huge impact in the sales department at Enginetech. With her leadership, Enginetech saw an increase in sales and an increase in market share in the industry. She also helped foster the distinct culture of Enginetech culture that is still around today. As Enginetech continues to grow, we look forward to maintaining our role as the leader of the internal engine parts industry.

Fred Currey

Chairman & Founder

Enginetech, Inc. was founded in 1982 as a result of a longstanding business relationship between Airmotive Engineering, Dallas Texas and Metal Leve S. A. SAO Paulo, Brazil that was built on mutual trust and confidence.

Enginetech, Inc. has grown to be a sophisticated distribution company. By any measure, it’s the best in class among its engine parts competitors and in the rare air at the top of all types of small distribution companies. The trip to the top began when Joe Munoz took charge in 1998 and virtually re-founded Enginetech. Proactive foresight is in the management creed of the company. I am proud to be a part of this success.

The fact that the character of the internal and external culture is similar to that of its’ predecessor is moving to me. An air of mutual trust and respect flows throughout the company, to and from our Distribution Personnel, Support Staff and Management Team. This culture is only present when no one is looked down upon, when people promptly do what they say they are going to do, when all listen carefully to one another and the focus is on the solution of the problem, not blame.

This ethical philosophy extends to our customers. The company slogan “We treat our Customers as we ourselves would want to be treated” is reality at Enginetech.

Joe Munoz

Owner – President

Where has the time gone? I began my career at Enginetech in 1989 as an Inside Salesman, then went through a progression of jobs until becoming General Manager in 1998, and a co-owner of the biz in 2000 with my mentor and partner Fred Currey.

I pride myself on having really smart people around me – all very passionate about pleasing our customers. It’s what has permitted our company to weather the economic storms of the past few years – vibrant, robust, and aggressive, ready to reap even more rewards in the future.

I’ve been married for 23 years with two unbelievably great kids. I have three main passions outside of Enginetech – music, (I play bass in both a Beatles and an REM tribute band), muscle cars, and railroads. I am one incredibly lucky guy.

Sheri Munoz

Owner – Vice President

Internal engine parts have been a part of my life since my husband, Joe, began his journey with Enginetech, Inc. in 1989. After seeing what a solid, progressive company Enginetech was, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I joined the team in 1998 and have been involved in many different aspects of the business.

Co-ownership since 2000 has allowed me much more than just a job and I’m extremely lucky to have worked with some of the brightest and most creative “in the biz” over the years.

Enginetech started out as “the industry’s best kept secret”, but our crew and our customers continue to grow, change and amaze me. Our company has developed into a force to be reckoned with!

When I am not working, I love to hang out and travel with my husband and three kids – exploring craft cocktails and good food along the way! I enjoy music, hiking, photography, reading, yoga/meditation and watching movies.

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