Enginetech lifters are designed with the needs of the engine builder in mind.  They are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications and go through a strict QC process, which provides you peace of mind during your rebuild.  Enginetech maintains the highest quality in lifters as they play a vital role in keeping your rebuilt engine running properly. 

Ranging from flat tappets to the modern roller lifters, mechanical buckets or lash adjusters, Enginetech has a wide range of vehicle application coverage for all your engine rebuilding needs.  Enginetech lifters are hermetically sealed to prevent contamination and the lifters are presoaked to save you prep time.  They are also conveniently packaged in 4 packs, 16 packs and full engine sets for easy ordering. 

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Our Catalog is an easy-to-use site that allows customers to find the correct parts for their rebuild. The Enginetech Catalog is available 24/7 for all current Enginetech customers. Contact us for your login credentials.

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We also carry push rods. If you are doing an engine repair that requires lifters, then you might also need some push rods. We can provide the parts for your rebuild and repair projects from start to finish. To order our products, you can call one of our sales experts at 1-800-869-8711 or you can visit our online catalog. Click the button below to visit our online catalog.

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