Did you know that unlike many of our competitors, Enginetech has very easy to read part numbers. Our part numbers tell you many important things, such as product material, bore diameter, number of cylinders, if the product is oversized, and more.

Here is a breakdown of how to read your Enginetech part number

Take this box of piston rings for example:

S, M, or C indicates the material is Premium material, stainless steel molybdenum, chrome. R would stand for Cast.

885 (88.5mm) indicates the bore diameter. This measurement can be either metric or in inches.

4 denotes the number of cylinders.

100. This last number tells you how much oversized the part is. In this example, the part is 1mm oversize (1.00mm). This number may be notated in either imperial or metric. For this example, 1.00mm would be the same as 0.039 inches.

Here are some other part numbers broken down for example:

Valves – Odd Versus Even

Did you know the part number of our valves also clues you into whether the valve is intake or exhaust? Take part number V3409 for example. We know this is an exhaust valve, without any further investigation, because the number is odd. In contract, an even number indicates that the part is an intake valve, like in the case of part number V3406.

Another fun fact about valve part numbers is that import vehicle valve part numbers will feature an E or I, while domestic vehicle valve part numbers will contain a V.


Did you know gasket set part numbers have the engine size listed within the part number?

Look at this example:


The first part of the number tells you what kind of gasket set it is, for example VC is valve cover, CR is for Chrysler, and 167 is the engine size. – A  or -B indicates whether it’s the first in the part series, or a later addition – fitting either the earliest or latest model years.

Now You Know!

Now you know how to read Enginetech part numbers to determine the best parts for your engine build. You know how to decode numbers on piston rings, valves, and gaskets. Of course, you can always ask our knowledgeable sales team, or our friendly on-site engineers for more insight on getting the exact part(s) you need for your specific project!


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