This week shattered the record books for biting cold temperatures. Everyone is fighting to keep warm, and maintain their vehicles in challenging conditions. However, Tesla owners are the ones running into the most trouble amid bitter cold. It’s times like these those of us who drive combustion engines have the upper hand, and those who drive EV’s face unfortunate hardship.

Never more so has this been the case than in Chicago. Tesla drivers stood in the cold, stranded and exposed at charging stations, waiting and waiting… and waiting….

“I’ve been here for over five hours at this point, and I still have not gotten to charge my car,” said Tesla driver Brandon Welbourne. “A charge that should take 45 minutes is taking two hours.”

Dupree, S. (2024, January 15). Tesla owners run into trouble amid bitter cold – CBS Chicago.

local media reported public charging stations turning into “car graveyards” because motorists were unable to power their vehicles1

In times like these, a combustion engine just makes more sense. While Tesla advises owners to keep the charge level above 20 percent during cold weather, the rest of us don’t have to worry about that. What a relief it is to fill up a car in 5 minutes, rather than wait for a slow charge over 2 hours.

Tesla’s advice in all of this? “…consider preconditioning the battery before driving”.

Our advice? Unless your pockets are deep and you’re not on a schedule, maybe just drive a combustion engine vehicle instead.

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