We asked various team members at Enginetech HQ:  What do you know now about cars that you wish you knew before?

“I wish I knew that recalls should be taken seriously, and that they can be fixed for free.”

“I wish someone had told me to always keep your car clean and tidy. For one, your paint and interior surfaces will last a lot longer and retain their value better at resale. Also, I have heard many HR people say one of the things they look at of potential hires is how their car looks – for a clue as to how organized is the person being interviewed! “

“I wish I’d known how important it is to change the oil on a timely basis.  Everyone should take a basic course on how an engine works and why maintenance is important.  It can add up to a lot of savings down the road!”

“I wish I would have known the interest rate a salesperson offers at a car dealership is often inflated.  The bank will offer a “buy rate” and the dealership can mark that up several points to make extra money.  Always ask to see the buy rate!”

“I wish someone told me that car airbags come out HOT before I got burned by one… lol.”

“I wish someone had told me how important it was to stay on top of your oil changes because many problems stem from this.”

“Failure to do proper maintenance will increase the rate that things break”.

“I wish someone had told me that when I learned to work on cars, everyone in your family wants you to work on their cars for free.”

“I wish I knew your owner’s manual is meant to be read.”

“Your first car won’t be that cool…buy a cheap car when you’re young and start saving up for your dream car.”

“Driving on an almost empty gas tank can fry your car’s fuel pump! No more $10 fuel-ups for me.”

The easiest and quickest way to buy a car is to show up with you own financing.  Dealerships will try to offer you a better rate to earn your business.”

“It’s important to wax your car twice a year or the paint will eventually peel off.”

“I wish someone had told me to keep and fix a car you truly love instead of trading it in on another one.”

“Driving on low tire pressure causes low fuel economy and is dangerous, but over-inflating tires can also cause wear and damage.”

“Racing games DO NOT make you a better driver.”

“Sometimes repairs take longer than you planned. Part shortages, mechanics get sick, etc. That’s life!”

“Everything breaks at some point and will need to be repaired…that’s when Enginetech parts come in handy!”

What are some other things that you wish someone had told you about cars before you found out?


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