Camshaft Bearings

Enginetech's Camshaft Bearings

Camshaft Bearings Design

Enginetech camshaft bearings are manufactured as a “Full Round” design. Our bearings are produced from extruded steel tubes with a centrifugally cast Babbitt lining. Several different grades of Babbitt are used depending on the application. Engines with inherent OE problems of bearing wiping and/or fatiguing utilize a high grade ASTM-14 material. 

Camshaft Bearings Innovation

Enginetech is also an industry leader in the development of “Problem Solver” camshaft bearings. Many OE engines have premature bearing failures (Chrysler 3.3/3.8L, GM 3.1/3.4L, Ford 2.3L SOHC, Ford 460 etc.). Enginetech offers “Better than OE” bearings with improved designs and upgraded materials for many problematic applications.

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If you like our cam bearings, then you might also like our camshafts. Our camshafts are a perfect addition to your rebuild. We carry stock replacement camshafts, as well as our high performance camshafts. We even have our own Enginetech high performance camshaft, Dr. Bumpstick camshafts. To learn more about our camshafts, click on the link below. 

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