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At Enginetech, we value our customers’ feedback. We want to hear how we are doing. Check out our latest customer testimonials!

Customer Testimonials About Our Team

Roger's Automotive Machine Shop

"A special shout out to Jason!! Jason always goes that extra mile for our small business and we appreciate that! So from us at Roger’s Automotive Machine Shop; thank you Jason!!"

Montana, USA, Customer Since 2013

Xcessive Engines

“Our company buys from you guys, I always have a great experience with your sales associates and the quality of the parts are great
Always a 100% in quality and service
Highly recommend”

Florida, USA, Customer Since 2013

Motor World

"Enginetech has made my job easier, my business stronger and my customers happier. They are dependable, have great customer support and help give me a competitive edge."

Washington, USA, Customer Since 2013

Headmaster, Inc.

"Using Enginetech, Inc. as my trusted source gives me the ability to spend more time building engines and less time finding the best parts for the build."

New Jersey, USA, Customer Since 2009

Thompson Motorsports

"The people at Enginetech always take care of us at Thompson Motorsports. We always look forward to the services they bring."

Texas, USA, Customer Since 2012

Jon & Kait's V8s

“We just set up an account with Enginetech Inc and they made it super easy for us to set up and order. Shipping was fast and the product is great!”

New Jersey, USA, Customer Since 2020

Pan American Automotive

"Enginetech's sales experts are knowledgeable are professional. We have had a great working relationship with Enginetech for over twenty-five years. The team is quick in providing assistance with technical questions and customer service. We have used Engine products and parts in our own personal rebuild projects as well as our racing engines and end up in the winner circle consistently."

Texas, USA, Customer Since 1991

ATK North America

"Enginetech keeps their website and their inventory updated so both information and parts are available when needed. Their knowledgeable staff provides reliable service. I highly recommend Enginetech—doing business with them makes my job so much better and it will be the same for you!"

Texas, USA, Customer Since 1991

Engine Parts Wholesaler

"We have been working with Enginetech for several years now and still marvel at the impeccable customer service we receive on a regular basis. The entire group is so helpful and will bend over backwards to help their customers. Quality parts and lightning fast shipping also make Enginetech so great! It is a blessing to work with such an awesome group of people."

Kentucky, USA, Customer Since 2013


"MABBCO Motors has established Enginetech as a primary parts supplier because of same day shipment of orders and the superior products, service, technical support, and pricing MABBCO consistently receives from Enginetech."

Texas, USA, Customer Since 2006

Competition Products

"The Enginetech Sales Team is great! They always get our orders out when we need them and at a great price. If we have any questions, they always get back to us fast and with the right answer."

Wisconsin, USA, Customer Since 1994

South Houston Engine

"We buy a large portion of engine rebuild parts from Enginetech and are very satisfied with the quality of the parts and the fast and friendly service."

Texas, USA, Customer Since 2005


"We have been doing business with Enginetech for several years now and they are always the first place we go when we need a rebuild. They know their stuff!!"

Oregon, USA, Customer Since 2010

“From top management down Enginetech has instilled a culture that revolves around customer service excellence. Anyone can distribute engine parts, but it is the extra mile that allows us to serve our customers in an extraordinary way. We are able to go this extra mile for our customer through warehouse improvements that have gotten us to an error rate below 0.03%, extremely ridged in-house quality control, live technical support, and highly trained sales experts. ”

Nicholas Mabry

General Manager

Enginetech on Motorhead Garage

Customer Testimonials About Our Parts

Check this out! Our engine kit is featured on Motorhead garage! And Joe Munoz, our president, guest stars in this video to talk a little bit more in-depth about some of our great products! 

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