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We are having a sale throughout the month of February on all Enginetech rod bearings! Hurry and place your order to save 5% percent on rod bearings!


Enginetech rebuilder rod and main bearing sets are made of high-quality alloys, based on the application requirement.  There are two basic bearing types including the copper/tin/lead with steel backing as well as the aluminum alloy bearings.  The copper/tin/lead alloy is being phased out, primarily due to EPA concerns along with major improvements in aluminum alloy bearing technology as well as being more environmentally friendly and cost effective.   

Enginetech controls our parting line chamfers very precisely, ensuring it is cut at the correct angle to allow for the proper amount of oil bleed through without reducing oil pressure.  We include thrust washers, where appropriate, when they are not already molded into the main bearing. We offer multiple undersized ID bearings as well as some oversized OD and thrust width.  Enginetech bearings are made on state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring consistent bearing thickness for proper oil clearances.   

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