Enginetech lifters are designed for the needs of the engine builder in mind. Manufactured to OE specs because there’s really no way we can improve upon that and this particular application unlike other products. The OE spec is extremely tight and precise.

This is important to prevent your engine from having an issue with valve tapping due to improper leak down rates, improper geometry caused by the plunger not going to the right height when it’s fully assembled.

For the old style flat type of lifters, we have the roller type lifters required for the 87 and up pass car engines and light duty trucks in the United States and then we also have the button type followers or like this that ride in the overhead cam engines. They simply follow the cam up and out of the push rod and open the valve directly.

Contact us today for any of your lifter requirements.This product and many more can be purchased at EnginetechCatalog.com, Enginetech’s easy to use online catalog ordering system.

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Enginetech Lifters Overview with Joe Munoz

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We also carry push rods. If you are doing an engine repair that requires lifters, then you might also need some push rods. We can provide the parts for your rebuild and repair projects from start to finish. To order our products, you can call one of our sales experts at 1-800-869-8711 or you can visit our online catalog. Click the button below to visit our online catalog.

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