Cylinder Head Spacer Shims

Cylinder Head Spacer Shims

Enginetech cylinder head spacer shims are made from .020” cold rolled steel that help restore valve train geometry, valve clearance, O.E. compression ratios and cam timing to factory specifications on engines where cylinder head and/or block surfaces have been resurfaced below factory limits. Cylinder head shims solve the common problems of lack of valve train geometry, compression ratio creep, and timing chain flutter. Shims should always be installed on the block side with the cylinder head gasket on top and should be used with conventional head gaskets only. Find everything you need all in one place. Visit and save now.
  • Use on engines where extreme resurfacing of cylinder head and/or block head surface has occurred
  • Shims restores compression ratios and assembled heights to factory specs
  • Made from .020” cold rolled steel (thickness of steel shim may vary).

How do you know if you need cylinder head spacer shims?

If you have cylinder head/block with surfaces that have been resurfaced below the factory limit, then you will need to install a shim. 

Tip: Shims should always be installed on the block side with the cylinder head gasket on top.

Is a cylinder head spacer shim the solution?

Shims solve these common problems:

  • Lack of Valve Train Geometry
  • Compression Ratio Creep
  • Timing Chain Flutter


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