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Enginetech remanufactured torque converters maintain the high-quality, OEM standards and the value of all Enginetech parts. With the “NO CORE” program, Enginetech saves you time and money and gets you on to the next job.

All of our torque converters go through a 13-point check, bringing them back to OEM standards.  The clutches are re-lined with the highest quality carbon weave clutch materials and new internal bearings are installed.  Computer welded cases and computer balancing ensures accuracy and OEM quality.  Like all other Enginetech parts, there are never any core charges or core returns involved.

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Our Catalog is an easy-to-use site that allows customers to find the correct parts for their rebuild. The Enginetech Catalog is available 24/7 for all current Enginetech customers. Contact us for your login credentials.

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Working on engines, whether you are a professional engine rebuilder or a DIY-er, is very hard on your hands. Try out our gloves to save your hands from all the mess!

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