Camshaft Profiling

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Will Pollard

I am a part of our onsite engineering department. I have a passion for the automotive industry and I am an engine expert. I have been a part of the Enginetech team for 3 years.

Today we will discuss camshafts offered by Enginetech.

Camshafts go through a rigorous series of testing prior to being accepted to inventory and for sale to our customers. Manufactured camshaft samples are checked using our Cam Pro Plus profiler. Measured profile points consist of total lobe lift, duration of lift, centerline, degrees of lobe separation and runout. Next, all lobes are tested for Rockwell hardness using a portable tester. Then all cam journals are measured for accuracy. Final test is a visual inspection for any defects in the overall finish of the camshaft.

All datapoints are recorded and then compared to OEM specification datasheets. Once all datapoints are verified then the camshaft shipments are accepted, inventoried and made available to our customers.

Enginetech offers a variety of camshafts that meet all major manufacturer specifications whether roller, flat tappet, hydraulic and solid lift. All camshafts offered by Enginetech are new, not regrinds.

Enginetech also has a high-performance program offering camshafts for the performance enthusiasts. Please contact our knowledgeable high-performance sales team directly to find the camshaft that best suits your application.

Also note, Enginetech stocks all parts associated for your camshaft application, lifters, cam bearings, break-in lubricant and timing sets. This makes Enginetech a one-stop-shop for all your engine rebuilding needs!

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