What’s the secret to unlocking your client’s vehicle’s true potential? High-quality engine components replaced at the right time, the right way! Trust us, it’s no secret that investing in the best engine parts will boost performance and keep that ride running like a dream.  

Not all parts wear out at the same pace however, and some engine components move off the shelf faster than others. Are you prepared to keep up with the demand of your customers for their most commonly replaced engine parts?

The Significance of Quality Engine Components in Enhancing Vehicle Performance.

It’s no secret that the daily demands on a vehicle will result in engine issues over time. After years of road trips and daily commutes, some drivers may choose to give up and sell their vehicle to a salvage yard, believing that it is a lost cause, but this isn’t always the case.

 In fact, rebuilding or replacing an engine can add years of life to a beloved vehicle. By using high-quality engine parts, you can extend the lifespan of your customer’s automobile, saving them money and heartache. A quality engine rebuild can ensure that the car they love can still remain theirs for a few more years, and that’s something they’ll be grateful for these days.

Enginetech Engine Parts Have A Lifetime Guarantee When Professionally Installed. 

Of course, when a customer brings their vehicle into your shop, every part of the engine is inspected, and anything out of sync is reworked or replaced. However, some engine parts are more commonly replaced than others. Enginetech sells more of these parts than any others in our catalog. These are the go-to parts you should always have in stock for your customers.

Enginetech Piston Ring Set

Here is a list of the most replaced engine parts that you should always have on hand in your shop: 

      • Gaskets – Enginetech gaskets help you build better engines, faster.  Our rebuilder’s gasket is designed specifically for the rebuilder with superior design and materials. Unlike OE designs, the Rebuilder’s Gasket is designed for and works better on rebuilt engines. 

      • Head Bolts – Many later model engines require torque-to-yield (TTY) head bolts, that are only good for one-time use, and should be purchased every time you remove a cylinder head. 

      • PistonsEnginetech specializes in providing high performance engine pistons for engine rebuilds for domestic, import, and high-performance applications. 

      • Piston RingsOnly the best materials are used for Enginetech piston ring sets. Our compression rings are made from the highest quality gray iron, ductile iron, and high strength steel. 

      • CamshaftEnginetech carries our own brand of high–performance cams, Dr. Bumpstick, so we have camshafts for any job – from import and domestic stock replacement to RV grinds and special high-performance applications. 

      • Cam BearingsYou may not know that Enginetech is an industry leader in the development of “Problem Solver” camshaft bearings. Many OE engines have premature bearing failures (Chrysler 3.3/3.8L, GM 3.1/3.4L, Ford 2.3L SOHC, Ford 460 etc.). Enginetech offers “Better than OE” bearings with improved designs and upgraded materials for many problematic applications. 

      • Oil PumpOil Pumps are part of Enginetech’ s kit program! This simplifies and reduces the cost of parts purchases. Enginetech’ s precision pumps are also supported by Enginetech’ s in-house engineering staff, who provide immediate answers to technical questions. 

      • LiftersEnginetech lifters are designed for the needs of the engine builder in mind. Manufactured to OE specs. The OE spec is extremely tight and precise. 

      • Shop Supplies! – The littlest things make the biggest difference during a rebuild. So, don’t forget to include these shop supplies in your next order. Enginetech carries Cam Paste, Engine Bags, Heat Tabs, Assembly Lube, Headache Kits, and other miscellaneous essentials to complete your rebuild. 

    Everyday Wear Does Not Have To Mean The Death Of A Vehicle.

    As you likely know, the right quality engine parts can not only extend the life of your customer’s car but enhance its overall performance. Enginetech is a valuable resource for you, the engine builder. We provide the highest quality aftermarket parts that are thoroughly inspected by our quality assurance team. We also have engineers onsite who are available to take your call. Enginetech parts are manufactured with the quality and reliability that precision engine builders require. Call 1 – 800 – 869 – 8711 or visit https://www.enginetechcatalog.com/ to order.

    Whether it’s consistent quality, technical attention, or expert service you expect, our team works hard every day to earn and maintain your business.  Additionally, same day shipping and next- day delivery of our extensive, full line of products saves your company money and insures you complete your jobs on time.  Find everything you need all in one place by visiting www.enginetechcatalog.com


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