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Engine Kits - What's The Difference?

Cody Meeks

Cody Meeks

I am a part of our onsite engineering department. I have a passion for the automotive industry and I am an engine expert. I have been a part of the Enginetech team for 5 years.

Hello Enginetech friends, in this blog we are going to discuss Enginetech engine kits.  Enginetech engine kits are broken down into three categories: Remain Kits, Rebuild Kits, and Master Kits.  

These three categories all have two potential subcategories, premium and economy.  The premium engine kits have premium piston rings, meaning that the top rings are Stainless, Molybdenum or chrome where the economy kits come with regular cast rings.  Some engines will have both options, and some will only have one or the other depending on the needs of your application. 

Remain kits, also known as re-ring kits, come with a full set of gaskets, piston rings, and rod and main bearings. To help you visualize, we have provided pictures of each type of engine kit that we offer. The kits that are pictured are for a 2005-06 Ford 5.4L 24V. 

'05-06 Ford 5.4L 24V Remain Engine Kit

Rebuild kits, also known as recon kits, come with everything already mentioned in the remain kit plus pistons, timing set, oil pump, and expansion plugs.

'05-06 Ford 5.4L 24V Rebuild Engine Kit

The master kit comes with everything included in a rebuild kit plus a camshaft and a full set of lifters. 

'05-06 Ford 5.4L 24V Master Enginetech Kit

It is important to review the catalog notes on all kits for any pertinent information or exceptions on that specific kit. 

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