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I am a part of our onsite engineering department. I have a passion for the automotive industry and I am an engine expert. I have been a part of the Enginetech team for 5 years.

Some Basic Knowledge About Oil Pumps

Hello Enginetech friends, in this blog we will discuss Enginetech oil pumps.  Oil pumps are a critical engine component that act much like the human heart distributing pressurized oil throughout.  Unlike any other part line, we offer two versions of the same oil pump in many applications.  Our premium oil pumps all begin with the letters EP while our value line pumps begin with EPK.  The EPK pumps are our house brand known as Pressure King.  Please note that the brand name Pressure King does not necessarily signify that it is a high pressure pump. 

We do offer high pressure and high volume oil pumps in addition to standard volume/pressure in both oil pump lines.  This is also signified by the part number, high volume part numbers end in HV while high pressure pump part numbers end with HP.  For example, the premium line standard volume small block Chevy oil pump part number is EP55 while the high volume version is EP55HV. 

Enginetech’s offerings includes a wide range of pumps for both domestic and import vehicles.  We have the traditional oil pumps that are driven off a gear on the camshaft as well as crank driven pumps that are seen in many of the more modern engines.   For either style of pump, it is important to prime your pump with the correct engine oil that is recommended by your vehicles repair manual.   No other lubrication or grease should be used for priming oil pumps.  

It is imperative that your engine has the correct engine oil that is free of foreign debris and has the proper viscosity and pressure.  Like all of our other engine components, we stand behind both oil pump lines with our limited lifetime warranty so you can be confident that your oil pump will do its part. 

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