This article is in reaction to the essay ‘Don’t Expect Mass Adoption of Electric Cars Anytime Soon’ featured in the Wall Street Journal By Ted Nordhaus and Ashley Nunes[i]

Nordhaus and Nunes explain that in 2022, EV sales accounted for only 6% of new vehicle sales, citing the cause as lack of mileage range and the high price tag. They go further with this, using the Tesla Model 3 as a popular example. A Tesla model 3 still costs a whopping $46,990, which is $10,000 more than a comparable gas-powered vehicle. They compare the Ford Mustang Mach-E with similar result; citing that it costs $43,895 while its gas-powered equivalent comes in at $15,000 less. Let’s not forget that both gas-powered options are not only significantly more cost-friendly for the average American, but they also boast a respective 30% and 60% greater range than these two EV’s.

What does this mean for electric vehicles & combustion engines?

It means that the constraints on range especially, are slowing the adoption rate of EV’s. Furthermore, the authors report that those who bought EV’s did so with the intent of it being a secondary vehicle, with their gas-powered vehicle still being used as their primary means of transportation. Fear of running down the battery prevents excitement in driving an EV, often causing anxiety for drivers.  Let’s not forget that the average American’s weekly work commute puts a mileage demand on vehicles that an electric vehicle would no doubt struggle to fulfill. People still require a reliable vehicle to meet their needs, and those are, unarguably, gas-powered vehicles.

It doesn’t seem like American’s are rushing to adopt electric vehicles as their primary vehicle, and that is at odds with the goals of the EPA and Biden Administration. It looks like, unless major breakthroughs are made in EV technology, that the combustion engine will still reign supreme.

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