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I am a part of our onsite engineering department. I have a passion for the automotive industry and I am an engine expert. I have been a part of the Enginetech team for 5 years.

Hello Enginetech friends, in this blog we will discuss our Torque Converters.  Enginetech remanufactured Torque Converters maintain the high-quality, OEM standards and the value of all Enginetech parts. With the “NO CORE” program, Enginetech saves you time and money and gets you on to the next job.

All of our Torque Converters go through a 13-point check, bringing them back to OEM standards.  The clutches are re-lined with the highest quality carbon weave clutch materials and new internal bearings are installed.  Computer welded cases and computer balancing ensures accuracy and OEM quality.  Like all other Enginetech parts, there are never any core charges or core returns involved.

Our catalog,, offers two ways to search for the right torque converter for your vehicle.  We have the Trans. Part Search where you pick the make of your vehicle and then the code from your transmission.  Many transmissions have a code stamped in to their case or a tag riveted to them.  See the below sample of transmission codes that we offer for ford cars:

The second method is to use the Year Search Trans. Parts tab where you input the Year, Make, Model and again you would use the transmission code or liters of your vehicle.  The sample below is for a 2012 Ford Escape with a 6F35 transmission code and a 3.0 liter engine:

When it comes to choosing the correct torque converter, it is essential that you also read all of the notes and see the image of the torque converter that we list for your vehicle.  In addition to choosing the appropriate vehicle and transmission code, you must also ensure that your vehicle also has the same torque converter.  Match up with the following information to be certain that you get the right converter:

Enginetech torque converters do come dry, so it is important to follow the filling instructions included in the box to avoid causing pump and converter hub damage.  Remember to always refer to your repair manual for further installation instructions.  Stay tuned for our next blog!

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