What Happened to the Tangs?

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I am a part of our onsite engineering department. I have a passion for the automotive industry and I am an engine expert. I have been a part of the Enginetech team for 7 years.

No tangs? Don't panic!

So, you ordered some Enginetech main bearings, you open up the box, and BOOM – a twinge of panic sets in. A part that you have used several times in the past has changed. Is this a defect? Or was it made this way? What do you do now? Have no fear! We have the answers to your questions.

Throughout the years, Enginetech has made design changes to our parts to help the rebuild process go smoother for our customers. Yes, we know the old saying that if it’s not broke then don’t try to fix it. However, fixing and improving are two totally different things. As we introduce new products to our customers, we gather feedback from our customers and from our own knowledge base to improve our parts.

Part Number BC409J

Main bearings are no exception, and you may have noticed a recent change on our LS main bearings, part # BC409J.  The locating tangs have been removed and the oiling holes and grooves have been altered.  The oiling holes and grooves were made to be perfectly symmetrical so that the oiling holes will line up with the main cap oil passages regardless of how it is installed longitudinally.  This means that the locating tangs are now not only no longer needed but also must be removed to attain symmetry.  

Purpose of Tangs

The purpose of locating tangs on engine bearings is often misunderstood as locking the bearing in place. However, this is not true.  Bearings are locked into place by bearing crush when torqued into place, not by the tangs.  These tangs do not play any role in locking bearings in place, but rather are merely there for locating the bearings into the correct orientation during installation.  These improvements make the installation job easier and often allow for better application coverage.

Innovation with Enginetech

We are constantly evaluating the quality and design of our products. With that being said, we encourage you to frequently check for news and updates on our products for any important design changes. To find more information about new and important information, please check out Frequently Asked Questions page located under the “Contact” tab or our News & Updates page located under the “News” tab.

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