At Enginetech, we’re car people. We can turn anyone that joins our team into a combustion engine expert. In 2023, we’re achieving this with employee engine class.

Enginetech believes in investing in our teammates.

We provide knowledge to eager teammates so that they can provide the best service to our customers. Our sales team flourish in an environment that supports learning, asking questions, and working closely with our engineering department to truly understand our products and how to ensure customers find the right parts for their builds.

Enginetech provides this in the form of monthly engine classes. In a small class, teammates can learn with a hands-on approach. They get an up-close perspective of how each part interacts with surrounding parts, how different parts wear over time, and what most commonly should be replaced within an engine.

Students learn about main bearings on a deconstructed engine in class.

Engine Class is in Session!

Enginetech Engineer, Will Pollard, began hosting the monthly engine workshops this year to teach new, inexperienced teammates the basics. The classes are open to anyone at Enginetech who is interested in learning more about the engine parts we sell, and how they fit together in the internal combustion engine. Class topics include engine anatomy, functionality, and part-specific FAQs. This allows, specifically, our sales team to be credible, and truly understand our customers when speaking with them, a major benefit that few competitors manage to provide their customers.

Setting our employees up for greater success is the overall goal of this program, which in turn allows our customers to be successful. Enginetech strives for an environment where each team member’s potential is magnified.

Engine class is exciting. It’s cool to see how engines work!”

-Student from class.

As a professional in my field coming from a different industry, I had never been around engines before. However, it’s awesome that Enginetech takes the time not only to teach me endlessly about engines, but to nurture my appreciation for them so that I’m successful and comfortable here.”

– Claire, Enginetech Brand Manager

Engine class helps our teammates understand and relate to the common issues our customers face. Becoming familiar with our products empowers them to better serve the needs of customers both large and small.

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