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Common Dealership Scams & How to Avoid Them.

Often overlooked on your bill, labor charges are the most common tactic used by service centers and mechanics to force extra cash from your wallet. It’s ok to question these charges, your service advisor should have nothing to hide. If you are seeing charges for services that you did not specifically request, such as steering checks or fluid flushing, your bill may be getting inflated with line items that might not have even been performed.

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How Enginetech Provides a Stress-Free Transition to Modern Business!

Enginetech can help you expand your company and profit by supporting your transition to ecommerce. Ecommerce streamlines the browsing, searching, and purchasing processes. This way, companies can enhance convenience and provide a seamless online shopping journey for their customers. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased conversions, and improved customer retention.

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Are Flying Cars a Thing Now?

Move over George Jetson, the real-life flying car is no longer just a midcentury hyper-modernist dream… or is it? Among ultrasonic dishwashers and instant language translators, through the Jetsons’ retro-futurism aesthetic, humankind once only imagined flying cars. However, they are no longer an idea of the future, but of the

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hydrogen comnustion Toyota hybrid car

Is Hydrogen Combustion the Engine of Our Future?

Despite practically every automaker making plans to go entirely electric, Toyota is veering away from the trend. Toyota is the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, with 11.5% share in vehicles sold, however they continue to steer clear of producing EV’s. Why? The hydrogen combustion engine. Hydrogen Combustion May Outperform

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Driving Habits to Save Gas Mileage This Summer.

One thing you don’t want weighing on your mind:  reduced gas mileage. Ideally, road trips are relatively low cost and enjoyable when compared to other means of travel, with the intention of avoiding costly inconveniences and airport drama. So why not avoid senselessly wasting money all together? I’m talking about using fuel resources wisely and keeping money in your wallet.

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Independent repair shop owner

Benefits of Choosing a Local Repair Shop

We’ve all heard the saying, “Shop Local”, and we’re all aware of the designated small business Saturday, and grassroots community-focused efforts to help mom-and-pop shops in your neighborhood. We know that the benefits of patronage to locally owned businesses are vast and making a difference can feel good. When it

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