Enginetech History with Doug Anderson.

During Enginetech’s 40th Anniversary year, we as a company are taking time to reflect on the last 40 years. Our business has a very rich and interesting history, one that we are proud to share with our customers. Enginetech’s history is an important part of our identity, and it serves

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engineer measuring bearing

Engine Part Tolerances and Measurements

The measure of engineering precision is called “tolerance.” Tolerance can be a plus or minus number, and refers to the measurement of a specific engine part, such as the thickness of a cylinder wall, for instance. There is also clearance to consider. In the automotive engines’ world, this refers to the

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Engine Parts

Top 5 Most Frequently Replaced Engine Parts

The engine is by far the most complicated and expensive system in a vehicle to repair. Repair or replacement of a car engine can cost more than $10,000, especially in larger vehicles like a truck or an SUV. Even so, engine replacement or rebuild is often a smart and viable

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Understanding Your Engine-Related Warning Lights

Many motorists have no idea what certain warning lights mean on their car. However, these lights serve as important alerts to drivers of potential dangers. Everyone should at least be aware of the most important warnings, the ones that if not addressed immediately, will cause your engine serious damage. Far

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Drinking water in hot car

Are You Road Trip Ready This Summer?

It’s officially summer! And despite the rising gas prices, summer is still road trip season. Wherever you are going, you should venture out prepared for anything. Whether you like to think about it or not, the average road-tripper will encounter unforeseen obstacles while on the road. Whether it’s wildlife in

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Hot Rod Nitro Funny Car NHRA

The Evolution of Hot Rod Culture

Hot Rod (noun): a motor vehicle that has been specially modified to give it extra power and speed. Hot Rodding (verb): the act of modifying a vehicle for enhanced driving performance, faster acceleration & top speed. A Hot Rod is simply a car that’s been stripped down, souped up and

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